There are three simple reasons why I use Sussex-grown, seasonally available flowers for my celebration floristry

1. Variety

Nature is ever-changing, no one week is like the last. No bouquet is like the one made the week before, or the week after. Endless variety, infinite possibilities.

2. Sustainable Floristry

It seems sensible for someone who loves flowers to be respectful of the environment in which they grow. I either grow my own flowers or source them from East Sussex suppliers whose ethical approach to floristry reflects my own.

3. Naturalness

There is a rightness about following the seasons, not forcing nature to bend to our will, but working with her. Giving someone flowers as a gift that have been grown nearby, in their proper season, has a kind of loveliness about it.

Photo: Katie Vandyck 2018

Photo: Katie Vandyck 2018

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